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If you want to evaluate code within the context you have to do this from the debugger.

Louis Kottmann13:10:07

Maybe I'm missing something as I am new to Clojure, but that's usually how I work to debug something. I.e: binding.pry in ruby, or pdb.set_trace() in python. Is there no such need in Clojure that nobody requested that feature on Cider?

Louis Kottmann13:10:53

At the moment when I feel the need for repl debugging I use but it is much inferior to ciders repl


hey, whenever I try to flush completion cache I'm getting nrepl-send-sync-request: Wrong type argument: stringp, abort-on-input. I'm not sure what might cause that problem. any hints?


Seems like there's an invocation with wrong arguments somewhere. Open a ticket about this and I'll check it out later.


thanks, ticket created. as I described, this problem is actually a minor one, the real issue I tried to investigate is why I have no autocompletion on namespaces (like (java.util._) or qualified symbols (like (clojure.string/_). I though that flush may help but I feel like it's not that easy 🙂


What’s the purpose of this prompt and the resulting browser page?


Visit '' in a browser? (y or n)


Is it useful outside the functionality CIDER provides already?


posted in shadow as well but (setq cider-offer-to-open-cljs-app-in-browser nil) i believe


if you are developing a webapp using cljs, you need the runtime. so it helpfully tries to load up the page for you


Ok, I see. How is that different from a clj backend and shadow/figwheel front end?


Do you mean cljs entirely in the browser?


oh, perhaps a web worker or something without a rendered page/dom…. maybe?


if you are making a webapp the js engine is the browser. so its offering to open the browser so you can run the emitted js code from your cljs


ok. I guess I just don’t see how that’s different from bookmarking localhost:3000 and opening that.


Except that page shows something very different, of course


not every project uses port 3000. its customizable and shadow will pick other ports if the one you specified is taken


Hmm. It shows me build status etc, and I thought for sure that page must have a use if someone went through all the trouble of designing it 🙂 rather than just overriding it to point to my app


I do not know the official name of that page but I consider it the shadow-cljs dev tools. Shadow-cljs supports multible builds like test etc. It also shows compile and recompile status. And if you use tap> in cljs it shows up here to. Also notifications about builds come from this.


If you use eg. fulcro quite a lot of things show up here. It might be bleak on a bare new app.


On my setup the app communicates with the server, also in production, via 3000. It communicates with shadow-cljs via 9600.


Correction: browser, not app. And maybe consider it a dashboard.