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I’d like to announce two new videos covering Fulcro RAD. Fulcro RAD is still listed as alpha, but it is being used in my own production projects. I decided to make a couple of videos to give people an idea of what it is capable of, and where you can go with it. Fulcro RAD (rapid application development) is an add-on library for Fulcro (which allows you to build data-driven single-page webapps). It is a purely opt-in add-on with a philosophy of “choose what you want, escape at any time”. It provides scaffolding and support for boilerplate-free schema, network API, database interfacing, forms, reports, and dashboards. I’m short on time, so the videos are not as well-planned as I’d like (there’s a little overlap), but they do cover the core details, and are hopefully clear enough. If your interested I’d recommend starting with: which is a bit more hands-on with what it looks like to work with RAD, and then if you’re interested in how it is all glued together continue on to this one: I just uploaded them, so if they are still processing try again a bit later. There is also an early edition of a book at

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thanks for you work! there's ton of documentation on this project, the concepts and ideas that led to the design. Thanks for putting so much time into this. Cheers!


I’ve released RC versions of the Fulcro RAD core library and Datomic plugin. These two main libraries are the most heavily used in production, and have been pretty stable. The other plugins (web rendering, SQL db) are still in alpha. See the or the YouTube videos (above) as well.

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Neanderthal now supports zero-install MKL out of the box! Check out new release 0.35.0

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