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Vincent Cantin05:08:05

Today I released the Diffuse library.

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Vincent Cantin12:08:20

I will fill it up after I am done experimenting the thing for which I built it.

Adam Helins12:08:29

A small but useful CLJS library for scheduling various type of async operations hits 1.1.0 Notably, it circumvents problems often encountered, for instance when using vanilla .setInterval

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Joe Lane14:08:57

I’ve been enjoying your other libs too. Nice work!

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Adam Helins15:08:15

@U0CJ19XAM It's good to hear that, thanks!

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:08:35

A new prerelease version of the Clojure tools (`clj`) is now • Fixes for Windows scripts with clj -X (thanks @vlaaad!) • Fix for ssh compression on git lib deps ( - thanks to @donavan for the report • Fix for the possibility of including child deps of unused versions of libs in classpath (

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Not sure if there is a jira issue for that, but having no :args makes clj-exec fail:

PS C:\Users\Vlaaad\Projects\tdeps> cat .\deps.edn
{:aliases {:prn {:fn clojure.core/prn}}}
PS C:\Users\Vlaaad\Projects\tdeps> clj -X:prn :a 1 :b 2
Invalid :args for exec, must be map or alias keyword: nil

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:08:56

Oh yeah, that was reported and I forgot to fix it