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Fulcro 3.2.0 is on Clojars. This release has a major improvement (in speed and behavior) to DOM inputs. I found a simplification that is Fulcro-specific that lets you write Fulcro transactions in a way that causes synchronous updates to component props (through an internal setState) so that Form inputs work correctly without wrapping them in things like internal buffering and cursor control logic (a well-known problem in async React wrappers). This leads to much more consistent (and fast) form behavior, and also makes the integration of vanilla js react components trivial! The best thing about it is all you have to do is add an extra ! to your code: (transact!! this …), and it is completely optional and bw compatible. So porting is a breeze (and optional).

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I’ve also released a new (ALPHA) version of the Fulcro RAD libraries (RAD, Datomic db adapter, and SQL db adapter) along with an updated demo. Fulcro Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a set of libraries that are intended to make it very fast to stand up a full-stack web application with database, network API, and SPA front-end, all while being able to quickly escape to your own code when RAD isn’t up to your task. This is not an API-stable release, but it is showing the promise of RAD. This release adds HTML5 routing, several report enhancements (row actions, report actions, column links, form links, visibility and enabled support for actions), form improvements (nicer looking read only forms), and more. See and try the demo at NOTE: The db adapters are young. SQL adapter is less capable than the Datomic one, so I suggest playing with Datomic.

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Clojurists Together is funding four projects $9,000 USD over three months. Apply at and see more info on what our members are looking for at

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Spire 0.1.0-alpha.3 released - sudo support - ssh connection debugging

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