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[ANN] [amalloy/ring-buffer "1.3.0"] Hi, a new version of amalloy/ring-buffer (1.3.0) is available on Clojars ( with the following changes: - amalloy/ring-buffer github project is now transferred to clj-commons/ring-buffer ( - Fixed incompatibility with Java11 ( - added nth indexing for random access lookups (, credit: Pedro Martins - @pjago please note that: CLJ Commons is a community-led project to build up the supporting infrastructure around Clojure to make it a better experience for people new to Clojure, as well as existing Clojurists, like maintaining open-source projects that, for any reason, the author cannot maintain, check bye, Bruno


Great! There were no changes after 1.10.0-RC5, right?


Thank you Alex for all your hard work in shepherding this release!


Great work Clojure team.