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I just released hcloud, an API client for the Hetzner Cloud API. Quick context, what is Hetzner? It’s basically DigitalOcean but cheaper and a German company. I’m not sponsored by them but have hosted all my past projects there and was quite happy - and guess what, there wasn’t a Clojure client for their API yet. Side note: I also did some toying around with metadata to auto-generate docs which are included in the Probably not that impressive but I thought it was quite neat. Check out dev/readme.clj for the code.

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your lib is comparable to hetzners terraform provider?


You can replace :headers {"Authorization" (str "Bearer " token)} in http-opts with :oauth-token token.


@jerger_at_dda yeah I suppose it’s comparable, only completely in Clojure. so if you want to “roll your own” creation / management of hetzner servers in Clojure, this is for you 😄


@U66G3SGP5 wow, that’s a great find, I didn’t know that was equivalent. thanks for looking through the code btw! will change. relevant source of clj-http for those interested:


Hehe I spent a lot of time looking that source, since I've been making a lot of clients and my own rest client library


hehe, I have a feeling that your clients are more well-designed than mine - I don’t have much experience writing them in Clojure


Not really, your client looks fine and clean. Not to toot my own horn, but here's my lib for generating request maps:


I am happy to get any feedback