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CIDER 0.18 (Saigon) is out! Read all about it here TL;DR: Yeah, those are a TON of changes indeed! Pay close attention to everything marked with “Breaking”, as some of those might surprise you! Generally you should know the following: * CIDER now supports nREPL 0.4 * We’ve revamped completely the connection management, so be sure to check * Now the canonical way to start CIDER is C-c M-x (M-x cider) or C-c C-x .... The old jack-in and connect keybindings will be removed at some point for the sake of consistency. * CIDER will now auto-inject piggieback for ClojureScript REPLs. * Many keymaps were changed significantly in order to make them consistent, group related actions together and to free up keys on the top-level (C-c C/M-letter). * CIDER and cider-nrepl are now released independently (not really obvious now, but should become clear what I mean after a few releases). Thanks to everyone who helped with the current release! I love you all! Special thanks to the London Clojurians, Daniel Compton and Clojurists Together for their support! Now it’s time for me to take a long break and enjoy a few mugs of cold cider! Cheers!

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Double party! 😉