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Has anyone else come across this? boot show -p throwing java.lang.ClassCastException: clojure.lang.Symbol cannot be cast to java.lang.Number


hey there. I tried to push a new release of my library to clojars today (`boot build-jar push-release`) and surprisingly it failed with mysterious explanation:

$ boot build-jar push-release
Writing pom.xml and
Writing xxx-1.0.1.jar...
Installing xxx-1.0.1.jar...
Signing xxx-1.0.1.jar...
Signing POM null...
Deploying xxx-1.0.1.jar...
Sending xxx-1.0.1.jar.asc to  (1k)
Sending xxx-1.0.1.pom.asc to  (1k)
Sending xxx-1.0.1.jar to  (25k)
Sending xxx-1.0.1.pom to  (4k)
Retrieving maven-metadata.xml from 
Sending maven-metadata.xml to  (1k)
Could not transfer metadata mbuczko:xxx/maven-metadata.xml from/to deploy-clojars (): Access denied to: , ReasonPhrase: Forbidden - no checksums provided for xxx-1.0.1.pom.asc.


any idea what's the reason of missing checksum?


@alandipert yup, seems like it's exactly the same issue that I have. thanks for info.


@alandipert I am using 2.7.2 is this version affected?