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hey @aengelberg ! yeah, my goal is for the alda CLI experience to be more like the REPL experience, while still having support for doing one-off, non-REPL-y things like playing files


there is a -r/--replace option for playing files/code without adding to the score in memory


e.g. alda play -r -f /tmp/score.alda


i'm actually pondering making -r the default, and instead having an option to append to the current score


i'm not sure which way would be more useful at this point


right now, alda is somewhat naïvely designed in that it relies on getting/setting top-level vars, which means it can only handle one "score" at a time. i'm planning on changing that soon and making it so that scores are self-contained. then maybe we could make it so the default behavior of alda play is to play the score without affecting the score in memory


perhaps there wouldn't even be a score in memory, unless you explicitly initialize one


Thanks for the response @dave. I would argue that having alda play not affect the score in memory by default would be the better choice. Especially because the word "play" doesn't really imply any functionality other than playing a file. Maybe you could add a new command alda load / open / paste