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Clojurians continues to grow -- we're almost 12,000 string now! -- and we have over 400 channels for you to explore. On that topic, in addition to #announcements which is intended for authors to announce releases of their own (Clojure) projects and (Clojure-related) blog posts/articles they've written that they think will be relevant to a large audience, we have recently created #news-and-articles which is intended for everyone to be able to share interesting news items and articles they've found online that may be of interest to a broad Clojure audience. If you need help with Slack, there's #slack-help -- if you want to discuss the Clojure community in general (health, growth, suggestions), there's #community-development -- if you're a beginner with Clojure, the best place to ask questions is #beginners (and there are many experienced Clojure developers who've opted into that channel to help beginners in depth). If you haven't done so yet, please read our Code of Conduct -- -- and feel free to reach out to any of the Admins listed in that document if you have problems with your account or you want to report spam or behavior you think is inappropriate. We want to keep this community welcoming, friendly, and inclusive!