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There's an issue with the docs site: same headings use the same anchor tag: (I clicked on "6. Parameters")


Yes I know. Actually that's fixed. I have a big doc merge coming....


Cool 👍 Really enjoying the yada docs so far 🙂 ... and somehow really like the/your approach. I like bidi as well so probably not very surprising 😄


Migrating from Markdown to AsciiDoc has been quite a journey, but worthwhile long-term. Finally getting back to writing


I'll push the PDF generation stuff soon -it's mostly all done via AsciiDoc tooling but I've had to add my own XSL and LaTeX hacks (Chinese characters, Clojure source highlighting, etc.)


I'm an old DocBook geek so I really like the AsciiDoc plaintext approach


The PDF isn't far off print-ready quality for a book, and even has a autogenerated index


The trouble with writing docs is that you often fall into the temptation of becoming a publisher rather than author 😉


I like the fact the toolchain visits almost every decade of computing (AsciiDoc -> DocBook XML -> LaTeX -> PDF...)


I learned XSL in the 00s, it's all but useless knowledge now


The "Basic Auth" section has a line: > You may choose to limit the number of times a failed login attempt is tolerated by setting a cookie or other means. How would I set a cookie from the verify function? (I have no need for this I'm just wondering how this mechanism interacts with other stuff)