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Aldo Nievas12:03:09

Hi! Has anyone tried neovim 5 with closure-lsp? Using nvim-lspconfig no coc-nvim.

Aldo Nievas13:03:34

yeah but it looks like they normally use Emacs

Aldo Nievas13:03:52

thanks anyway


@aldo.nievas I gave that a try this week, but didn't really have time to get the setup just right. So for now I'm back on coc.nvim+clojure-lsp


For one thing, you lose the completion (what coc.nvim is for primarliy)


Meh. I should've taken notes

Aldo Nievas14:03:12

yes there is a thread on #lsp about that. Looks like a minor issue.


yeah just wanted to make sure you were aware of that channel


Here's the nvim LSP config I used. It's adapted from one of the nvim LSP pages.


And my coc.nvim setup:


Something I really liked from the nvim-lsp config is vim.lsp.buf.signature_help(). I still want to see if there's a (coc-signature-help) or some such, but haven't got around to that yet


If nothing else, this exercise at least taught me more about LSP and the functionality that clojure-lsp supports. I'm still a bit confused where all the functionality boundaries are between Conjure and coc.nvim, and ALE is mixed in there too 😵. Hopefully I can spend a bit more time on this over the weekend.


hover in coc gives you signatures.

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What's the output supposed to be? Mine currently just looks like this:


Ah, I had the wrong classpath command