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hi guys, If i understand things correctly, the todomvc example from untangled does update optimistically. What if we want to update it only the server updates correctly, then we should update things in the merge function right ?


Hi @tony.kay, @ethangracer. So, I have a feature branch of the tutorial with a lot of proof reading done in it. I'm not sure how you'd like to proceed with a merge, there are a lot of commits in case you'd like to see what I've done at a granular level (they're all rather obvious). Or shall I just go ahead and rebase them to one commit for a pull request? Ciao, d.


@nxqd I think you’re better off with an optimistic update and a fallback (to recover the client if the server refuses)


unhappy path should be the exception, not the thing ruling your user’s experience


@donavan: A squashed commit PR would be ideal. That makes it easy to review.