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Where can I see all the available configuration options for shadow-cljs.edn?


I can't get documentation for some options I see used elsewhere like [:devtools :http-resource-root] among others


because that is deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore. see :dev-http instead


Is it safe to say that all available configuration options were exhausted in the [UsersGuide]( ?

Ben Hammond11:01:02

I have a page with a js/WebSocket on it every time shadow-clj recompiles and reloads the page, my WebSocket gets closed Is there any way to mitigate this? (I definitely dont want to disable the hot-compile-and-reload )


@ben.hammond can't really say without knowing what you are doing in the code. the lifecycle callbacks are meant to let you manage your lifecycle and if you do that properly the websocket doesnt disconnect


if you just do (def x (js/WebSocket. ..) then yes that'll disconnect by design, defonce might help

picard-facepalm 1
Ben Hammond12:01:32

Yes of course

Ben Hammond12:01:37

Thank you very much