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Chris McCormick11:10:56

I have a shadow-cljs setup working using deps.edn and :target :node-script. It is consuming a library via :local/root which I am developing locally and it also has a deps.edn with a :npm-deps in it. Is there something I should do to make those :npm-deps from the library get installed into the top level project?


:npm-deps don't belong and deps.edn and have no effect there for anything. they need to be declared in a deps.cljs file on the classpath. if your library does that then packages should be installed in the main project.

Chris McCormick23:10:07

Cool, thanks for the tip! Will investigate this.

Chris McCormick00:10:08

Works perfectly, thank you. I mis-read the "" section in the user guide. Thanks for putting me straight.


Hey sorry if is a dumb question, but my Google Foo is failing me and I'm not being able to find how to do this, is possible to ask shadow-cljs to hot-reload when I change a markdown file in a specific folder?


you can also just trigger the build from the REPL or the UI, but if you included the file via another macro it might be cached and not recompiled unless the ns that did it is marked with ^:dev/always


Hey thanks, I will probably stick with the manual trigger.


Maybe I can make a vim keymap for it