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@gadfly361: You have written the cookbook for morris on reagent, I have copied the code on a modal window, but it failed to show to correct chart. And I got the error of Error: Invalid value for <text> attribute transform="matrix(NaN,NaN,NaN,NaN,0,0)" Could you please help?


show-detail-with-chart is called with reagent-modals/modal! , so it will pop a modal window, and then in the modal window, plot-chart will be called when trigger :component-did-mount life-cycle, but I just can't see the chart.


@wqhhust: did a quick look. The morris chart renders with just show-detail-with-chart and an alert, but throws the aforementioned error when you use show-alert with an alert. Not sure what is wrong with show-alert and the modal window on-click, but that's likely where the problem lies. I'd recommend getting show-alert to work with just one alert first, before trying to map over it.


Not sure why the modal window isn't working with morris, created minimal example above in case anyone else wants to check it out simple_smile


Dan has just released [reagent "0.5.1-rc3"] .... one bug fixed in rc2. Please test.