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I haven't watched the talk myself, but I'm a bit surprised if he doesn't mention Om, as it's still actively in development, and there's also #untangled that uses Om


When's the last time you looked at cljs? I believe at some point Om was the only good option, but now we have a bunch of React wrappers, Reagent being the most popular one, another one that is gaining popularity is Rum.


and for the structure part, the most popular one is probably re-frame (for Reagent), but there's others like Keechma and Carry. I like Carry the best. 🙂

Frank Henard12:09:26

Thanks kauko, It's been about a year I think. I played with Reagent the most at that time, but have done nothing serious with it. Javascript rendering libraries and frameworks are already in so much churn that it's hard to keep up, and then to add a young language on top of that. I think this issue is one that keeps me away from cljs the most. I say that not at all to be disparaging, but to be honest. For work, I've used React and Redux the most and have settled on them well enough that I can put up with the churn. However, I really enjoy clojure, and would like to be able to use it for both server and client programming.


React is pretty well established in the cljs community I think


it works very well with cljs


but I guess if you're looking for something with the kind of stability jQuery or rails had, there's nothing like that 😛

Frank Henard13:09:35

I appreciate your input!