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The re-frame is amazing. I have a hard time learning stuff normally, and although that is only an overview, I could understand it and it felt empowering. Thank you to whoever took the time to write it.


@anantpaatra that's kind of you to say, thanks. My goodness good docs take me a long time to write. Hopefully the rest of the docs are as useful.


Good docs are invaluable, particularly conceptual docs that teach you the architectural concepts. I have found the re-frame docs to be excellent in this regard. Plus, there’s some wit baked in.


I could feel that it was something sincere and well thought out. Please, keep writing them!


Hi there! Being a complete newbie to CLJS ecosystem, I’m trying to use reagent 1.8.0-alpha1 with re-frame and depend on a third party react component library using :npm-deps. I’m kinda lost here. Is it even possible ?


@szoerner Sure it’s possible, this has been passed around a lot recently. Really great resource on how to wrap React components with Reagent.


If you have to do a LOT of wrapping! I suggest taking a look at the soda-ash source code as it wraps all of the semantic-ui-react components via macros


@kasuko thx, but as far as I can tell, this takes the approach of using cljsjs and in my case the library I want to use is not in the packages


cljsjs is just a way for someone to provide the :npm-deps for you.


So what you want to do is set up your :npm-deps so that the JS project is loaded into your clojurescript


then you should be able to follow the article which takes the react components from the :npm-deps to wrap them in Clojurescript components


Ok, thx. I’ll post a stripped down version of the project. Because doing that is clearly not working for me, probably due to my lack of knowledge


I just spent a ton of time doing just that so we should be able to figure it out.


Interesting, I was experimenting with react-notification library. It worked when I tried requiring with "react-notification" instead of symbol version


In all my previous unsuccesful attemps I was using (:require [react-notification]) form


Ahh, now the min build with advanced optimizations fails. Here is the dummy project it’s basically a re-frame template generated with minor mods on reagent version and :npm-deps