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@johnnyillinois note: any update to js/window.location.href` would be a mutation, so it should be done in an effect handler


@mikethompson Do you know the API for this effect because my understanding is that reg-event-db should only affect the db?


I know there is the reg-event-fx but I don't know the key for window.location.href effects


You need to read up on and understand event handlers of the -fx variety, which return effects


Returning a new db is just one kind of effect


Then maybe use a library of effects like: I've not tried it. But it probably shows the way


The docs are currently in a bit of flux as we try to use gitbook ... but you should be looking at ... Look at the material under the heading "Dominoes 2 & 3"


Effectful Handlers etc


Can anyone point to some examples or resources of client side authorization/protected routes?


@danielcompton (or anyone else in the know), if I may, Usage "Once [your application] is loaded, focus the document window and press ctrl-h to slide open the trace panel and enable tracing."" In my Chrome browser Ctrl-H opens history. Does "document window" mean something else? (pretty new to reframe overall)


hmm, what platform are you on @bouchardsyl? we might need to make it adjustable or pick something that doesn't collide


@danielcompton thank you for your reply. I found a clever way to solve this. It was a RTFM issue...


I'm mindblown actually, re-frame-trace is oh-so-very useful. Took me an hour to figure out how to install it, then like 5 seconds to pintpoint the slow sub 🙂


@bouchardsyl what could we do to make it easier to install? Or document it?


@danielcompton I can't think of much to say, it was really me who skipped some of the "Installation" instructions and did trial and error instead. An ADD thing. Maybe add an idiot-proof statement as first bullet of the "Usage": make sure you DID follow the THREE (3) installation steps.


@danielcompton to chime in on re-frame-trace: An incredible tool. I had trouble getting started, too. Did everything the instructions said. No traces would show up. In the end it was a lein clean that made it work. Maybe worthwhile to add to the documentation.


cool, just added that, thanks