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How do I [or can I] include a custom layer in Proton? I’ve currently got one running under a local fork of the proton repo, but proving slightly painful to test, & ideally I’d want it separated. Sorry if I’m missing something completely obvious here...


@dancouper: that is sadly not possible. Clojurescript hast to get compiled to javascript so the only way of adding a real custom layer is compiling it


currently .proton is very powerful and can do most stuff a layer can do. If you are missing something let me know and we can try to add that


(one idea would be to read ~/.proton/ and include all files from there. So functionality can get separated


Yeah, I thought that might be the case 🙂. It was really just to have something that matches the configurations I have at my work that could be given it’s own repo to be used by a few developers; not really a problem, would have just been a nice-to-have. The idea about reading the proton dotfile might be good - the thing I found most painful when working with layers was the fact I was working on the entire structure of proton, rather than a discrete part of it - if there was a way of separating the layers out it might make it easier to fix issues, I’m not sure how much it adds to the complexity though. A :lang/elm layer would be nice though. Was starting to put together the foundations for one, though the packages have some slightly convoluted dependencies with their own options. Also, heh, org-mode Hugely impressed with Proton though, completely sold on it, thank you for this