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It doesn't seem possible to link from one markdown document to another via syntax like: [[This is a link to Page Two|slug-for-page-two]]. Is the only way to achieve this via syntax like [Link Text](/path/to/slug-for-page-two.html)? P.S. Thanks for the great work on Perun!


just found, looks like this could be possible but maybe Perun doesn't provide a custom link resolver for this out of the box


I'm looking for a tutorial of building a blog site, does this exist anywhere?


@josh_horwitz I was just looking for the same, unfortunately is still TODO. Best references I've found so far are from looking at the code for the example sites listed under


I'm new to clojure too and still haven't figured out how to tame boot into a halfway reasonable development experience (watching wasn't always picking up my changes, so I had to restart boot a lot, and it takes so long to start up)


I'm just going to switch back to for now, which has a great blog template set up for you out-of-the-box and much more complete docs. I would like to get back to Perun someday, esp. if I get some more experience with boot, but for now I'm not sure it's beginner-friendly enough. (Especially trying to incorporate a few third-party boot tasks I couldn't find up-to-date examples for)