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lowl4tency 08:57:25

Good Morning, Onyx team. Happy new year :simple_smile:

greywolve 10:13:35


greywolve 10:15:03

what's the idiomatic way to do something else, right after transacting to datomic in an output task? (or any other output task), like say you want to transact to datomic, and only after you know that has succeeded, add it to another queue somewhere. lifecycle? output function?

robert-stuttaford 16:16:47

@greywolve, @lucasbradstreet just got married this weekend (congrats, Lucas!), so you’ll have to wait for @michaeldrogalis to rise from his slumber

greywolve 16:17:29

all good :simple_smile:

greywolve 16:17:36


michaeldrogalis 16:49:57

Morning! Thanks @lowl4tency, you too. :simple_smile:

michaeldrogalis 16:50:20

@greywolve: I'd use another lifecycle, placed directly behind the Datomic transaction.

greywolve 17:07:23

thanks :simple_smile:

lowl4tency 22:38:40

@lucasbradstreet: congratulations :simple_smile: