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Kira Sotnikov14:09:18

michaeldrogalis: hi Michael, could you please share your riemann config for onyx?

Kira Sotnikov14:09:39

Or a link with configuration simple_smile


@lowl4tency: I've been pumping everything from Riemann straight into InfluxDB to be graphed with Grafana. Let me dig it up if it helps.


@lowl4tency: Some of the options are somewhat specific to the project I'm using it on, but it's pretty much a straight shot to Influx.

Kira Sotnikov14:09:37

michaeldrogalis: I wanna to use datadog as metric collector


Oh, right you're on Rob's team.


Are you guys trying to avoid Riemann altogether?

Kira Sotnikov14:09:12

michaeldrogalis: yeah simple_smile

Kira Sotnikov14:09:34

michaeldrogalis: do you mean use datadog directly?

Kira Sotnikov14:09:16

in other words, what I should configure for getting stream from onyx to riemann


Get a Riemann instance up, add onyx-metrics, add the lifecycles to pump all metrics to Riemann.


I mentioned to Rob earlier that it'd be v easy to write a datadog lifecycle. The Riemann one is very small

Kira Sotnikov14:09:22

Riemann has datadog integration as far as I see in the docs

Kira Sotnikov14:09:38

michaeldrogalis: this metrics should be inside an app?

Kira Sotnikov15:09:17

michaeldrogalis: perhaps, do you have datadog integration metrics instead riemann? simple_smile


I don't, no. Never used it before. If you come up with an implementation, please send a PR and we'll add it. simple_smile

Kira Sotnikov15:09:50

Thank you, Michael. You rock!


Oh. You posted that already. Nevermind then

Kira Sotnikov15:09:32

lucasbradstreet: anyway thank you


Hey folks. We're considering dropping the Netty messaging implementation and only shipping Aeron. It'll be less code for us to optimize and patch bugs in, and Aeron's API is significantly easier for us to use & make correct. Is this a huge problem for anyone?