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If you want the properties of kafka without managing it, you could use amazon kinesis


you get replayability for 24 hours, which beats any RAM-backed queue


and if the messages are infrequent, you won’t break the 1mb/sec message barrier


what's the effect of :onyx/batch-size in a catalog entry when you don't have :onyx/bulk set to true? I am suspicious that my setup stops working after the batch-size is hit, and I'm probably misconfiguring something here...


setting :onyx/batch-size to Long/MAX_VALUE eliminates the symptom, but I think it might not be fixing the actual problem here


@noisesmith: Batch size is a performance knob that scoops up messages together before performing actions. It's to increase the payload being sent over the wire in the case that a single message leaves you network bound. :onyx/bulk? is simply a functional application to all the segments collected by the batch. Bulk and batch-size have no functional correctness properties that tie them together.


for some reason my workflow just stopped accepting tasks after a certain number were handled, and upping batch-size eliminated the symptom


clearly the error is somewhere else


Tasks, or segments?


Are there exceptions in onyx.log? It sounds like your batch was partial processed and blew up.


no errors, but I do see the suspicious looking message "Lifecycle chose not to start the task yet. Backing off a nd retrying..."


Is that once? Or repeated many times?


sorry, I was looking at the wrong end of the log, so that definitely isn't it


FYI, we're going to be putting on private training sessions about creating, managing, and monitoring Onyx infrastructure if your place is interested.


oh cool, where's a good place to get signed up for that email list?


because I'll definitely try to talk my folks into paying for a training


Email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if/when you want to try it. Still crafting the material for it, but we'd like to do one-on-one sessions with companies and tailor the content to their problem domain.


@michaeldrogalis: thanks for the tip about onyx.log - I had a separate issue in my job code and hadn't been watching that log file for stack traces. Is it possible to turn off ansi coloring in that file? I assume this is being done by some stack trace prettifier that onyx is pulling in


@noisesmith: I haven't tried it, but we're using Timbre for logging, which uses Pretty( for coloring. Perhaps try to exclude Pretty from the project?


cool, thanks


I'm not reading logs in a format where the ansi colors are helpful atm...


Yeah I've been there, it's hella annoying when that's turned off. If you want to file an issue, I can make an Onyx switch for it when I get time