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@cladiu could you elaborate on what you mean by mount and umount?


@sova I meant something like om/add-root! app-public or app-private depending on the path.


Hey I'm in college and I'm working on my first app. After finishing a prototype in, I went on a hunt to discover the best technologies to use in making this actually happen. My goal is to learn Clojure and Clojurescript, then use with some react.js libraries to get an idea of how to build carousel component and node.js to connect with a serverless backend that has access to cloud functions like Firebase/Google Cloud or Lambda/AWS. I have a lot of learning to do since I just got in to college but Clojure with react has made me excited to actually make this dream come true. One question I had however was concerning connecting node.js with clojurescript. When I looked up solutions and how to do it, It seemed like you had to do a bunch of things regarding dependencies. At this point I don't even know if there is a solution for fully integrating the front end om next with the backend node.js cloud stuff. Does anyone know if there is a simple or clear way in doing this?


dude you just sent the exact same msg to #clojurescript . try #beginners