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What's the for? Does Om actually use it? It appears to only write to it.


Is there a way to get the ref of a component for a child in a union component? Normally this is accessible through ref from the env in a mutation, but with union children not having ident’s, I don’t see this being set.


Is that what ref is for? I thought transact!'s ref was entirely unrelated to React's notion of ref


I’m meaning ref as in the 3-arity usage in (transact! r ref tx)


Right. That's not the "ref of a component", is it?


I’m not sure if it’s also used to set the react-ref for a component’s DOM node, but for my question I’m wondering how to go about getting the ident of children in a union component. With other components that implement Ident it seems that the components ident is passed in the mutation env as ref.


If I'm reading the code correctly, that's solely for your own use, and Om never sets it to anything on your behalf.


I am not reading the code correctly. 🙂


(Sneaky re-bound symbols…)


What's a "union component"?


A component with a union query,

{:thing-a (om/get-query …)
 :thing-b (om/get-query …)}


You're saying that a DashboardItem here doesn't correctly return its ident?


Ah, I understand now


The children


The children won’t have ref in the env a mutation called using a child component.


I haven't done much with unions, but I had it in my head that the children would have the idents, not the component that unions them


Is there a reason that wouldn't work?


I was under the impression that you shouldn’t implement Ident on the children of a union.


That does appear to be how the docs do it. But if that's true, I can't imagine how you'd get around the problem you're seeing.


I'm still having trouble working out how to best query for data when I have a path to the data rather than just a single ID. For instance, let's say I'm rendering the URL /person/123/pet/George. 123 is a unique person ID, but the name George is only unique among a single person's pets, so I need both pieces of information to address the pet. I can make the remote query send pretty easily, getting my parser to compute a query like:

'[{(:root/person {:person/id 123})
    {(:person/pet {:pet/name "George"})
But then I still need to store the result in the app state in a way that lets me query the pet by person and name, or the data will never be delivered to my component. I'm considering a form like:
{:root/person {{:person/id 123} [:person/by-id 123]}
 :person/by-id {123 {:person/name "Hugo"
                     :person/pet {{:pet/name "George"} [:pet/by-id 456]}}}
 :pet/by-id {456 {:pet/id 456
                  :pet/name "George"
                  :pet/height 23
                  :pet/weight 3.1}}}
This means doing a good deal of custom parser work (mostly or entirely throwing away db->tree) and a good deal of custom merge work as well. Am I on the right track here? Or am I off in the weeds? Is there an easier, intended way to do this?