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Drew Verlee01:11:57

I just watched 'simple made easy' (the railsconf version). Is anyone able to point me to point me to any further resources along that line of reasoning? I have been having a lot of internal debate's with myself about encapsulation and some of the things Rich talked about really hit home. For some context i'm learning clojure slowly and mainly have experience with dynamic languages like python and ruby.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:11:44

@drewverlee: well, all of Rich's other talks :)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:11:14

Design, Composition, and Performance touches on similar things


Are there any people combining Clojure and Scala in one company/project?


@borkdude: Yes. Scala on the server and cljs in the browser, using Scala/Ajax for the comms.


@cjmurphy: any open source code maybe?


It's not in a public repo right now, but I can certainly put up some things if you are going to take that approach. I did it that way simply because the Scala backend already existed.


The main thing is using Autowire:


Then in the browser everything is JavaScript so can interchange there. I've only done enough to see it all works. I think there will be quite a bit of boilerplate code.


I'll put up a gist over the next few days and get back to you if you like.


@cjmurphy: if it isn't too much work for you, sure simple_smile


No worries, will do.


Hy guys, For those living/staying in Sao Paulo, Brazil we are looking for CLJS backend developers. Anyone interested please contact me trough <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>