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Is there any way to copy all project dependencies to some folder? I want to package project but I don’t want to do uberjar. So I’m thinking of moving all dep jars to some folder and package it like this.


We built something similar at World Singles (called lein-cp-copy).


We didn't release it because Phil frowned on it so much :)


We've changed our build/deploy process now and don't rely on it so much.


Anyone happen to know how to pass JVM options to lein from the command line (or env variable). I have one I want to turn on/off, so I don't want to embed it in the project file itself. I basically want to define a property dynamically, as if running: java -Dprop=x ...


ah...I think I found it: LEIN_JVM_OPTS as an environment variable might be usable.


actually, looks like plain JVM_OPTS works. Be nice if there was a way to pass these as part of the invocation of lein, if anyone knows how