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@ska: we've had problems with this too... but adding them into ~/.lein/profiles.clj :user mostly works for basic things... but it depends on what tasks you're running


@rickmoynihan: which profile do you add them to? For us, the user profile didn't work. (Actually, it was a colleague of mine; didn't test it myself, yet)


what are you doing? lein repl? lein deps?


lein uberjar actually


@ska: ok...annoyingly - I don't think uberjar includes the :user profile - presumably for good reasons - because it doesn't want to contaminate your classpath with development time dependencies... You could try putting your repositories in a different profile... e.g. a :deployer profile - and using lein with profile deployer uberjar and see if that works for you


ah, with-profiles, yes, that is an idea that we have not yet elaborated. We managed to get it up working in the meantime. but there are still some repos in the project.clj.