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Hi guys, how are you doing? We finished a couple of projects recently and now we have free development capacity. We are blockchain and ML dev team based in Prague and San Francisco. We are focused on cryptocurrencies, coding wallets, exchanges, we have experience with Pattern recognition, Algo trading, NLP, and Artificial Intelligence. Our Stack: Clojure, ClojureScript, Solidity, Python (TensorFlow, Pytorch, Django), AWS, JS, Node.Js, Angular, and C#, C++ and many other technologies. Our Projects:,,,, Stealth startup - Machine Learning platform for forex trading. Now we work on We have launched our internal project as well - We are looking ideally for long-term project or cooperation. We can join your core team or develop the whole project from scratch. Here is our website: Feel free to send PM If you would like to chat. Cheers, Mark

dima11:04:05 is open-sourced but i don’t see you in the contributors list


Hi @U051091NM, I am so sorry, I made a mistake. Status is not a project we worked on. I already deleted it from my post.

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We’re looking for a new developer at Gravie ( in Minneapolis on a stack with Clojure on the backend and ClojureScript/re-frame on the front-end (and some legacy groovy/grails/angular that we’re converting): PM if you want any more background information not in the posting

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