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do the simplest thing first


where I’ve worked I’ve tended to simplify from jenkins to one of the travis/circle style services


because maintaining jenkins long term becomes a job in itself and nobody has time for that

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Travis/circle is a nobrainer to set up, and as long as you company is ok with building stuff in the cloud, I’d go for that. As @alex.lynham said, maintaining Jenkins quickly becomes a job itself.


the great thing about travis/circle is that as it has to bootstrap itself every time, your scripts in a say ./travis folder in a repo can also be used to bootstrap a dev env


so you get repeatability in CI and in dev more-or-less for free, so long as you have your keys and permissions set right


which is pretty sweet


I’ve used CruiseControl, Bamboo, Hudson, Jenkins, the one from the Jerbrains, Circle, and Travis. Whenever I have the choice I go for Circle, mostly because Travis is not made with Clojure(script)


is circle cljs?


i know they use clojure (they occasionally post jobs in here), not sure if it's cljs or not


our QA uses Jenkins heavily and I cannot recall them saying often they have to maintain jenkins in the daily. They almost never say that, except adapting / adding jobs if stuff changes, but thats obviously to the fact that tests / environments change and not jenkins.