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Very thankful for criterium. Really helped out today. Found out multi-release jars make logging very slow with log4j2. Apparently Logger.getLogger() (or whatever exact syntax) got really slow with modules (like 20x-114x slower) and gets the logger on every call. Reifying a custom LoggerFactory that memoizes the loggers got us back down to to ~1.5x of a non multi-release jar

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(def ^org.slf4j.Logger factory (org.slf4j.LoggerFactory/getILoggerFactory))
(criterium.core/bench (.getLogger factory "ROOT"))
these two forms. In a jar that is not marked multi-release: Execution time mean : 485.311104 ns In a multi-release jar: Execution time mean : 5.808895 ยตs Which is 5808 ns, so ~10x slower. And each call to c.t.l/log hits this, even for logging calls below the enabled threshold. So memoizing the LoggerFactory โ€™s get-logger function can really save time. Free speedup


Criterium rocks metal


Iโ€™m grateful to the person that created this channel. What other tech communities have something like this?

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Or is this another way in which the Clojure community is uniquely high quality?

Cora (she/her)13:07:48

awww, thanks. I was inspired to create it by the one we have at work ๐Ÿ’œ

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