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Mr. Savy00:10:13

I downloaded the fulcro template to play around with, but I'm getting an net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED whenever I start the server. Has anyone encountered this error before?

Mr. Savy00:10:59

the error points to some code from shadow-cljs so I'll see what they know

Mr. Savy04:10:00

redownloading the template fixed the issue but still having problems reflecting mutations in the dom

Adrian Smith17:10:38

Can you show the errors?

Mr. Savy17:10:51

original error is gone, no error for the persistent one, it just isn't reflecting changes in the dom.

Mr. Savy18:10:42

uuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh surprise, surprise, I'm just an idiot. It works from a root component, but not one I make a factory of. I don't understand why the dom only works from root, but at least I got this crap working again. Now I have to relearn how to appropriately build and pass data between components such that it respects mutations. oh well

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:10:53

What do you mean by mutations here? Fulcro's defmutation? You mean that transact!-Ing a mutation only works inside the root component?!

Mr. Savy18:10:38

yes. I'm not sure why unless that's how they're meant to work or I'm just doing something wrong.

Mr. Savy21:10:54

ok I finally got it working searching by id. For some reason update wasn't finding the data in state in the mutation so I had to reform the data structure to include an associated id. taking breaks isn't enough to keep my brain from turning to mush every time I come back lol.