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Hi, is there any idiomatic way to declare default/initial dymanic query params?


So, the dynamic query params is not well tested when setting them on the UI, and I dropped some of that implementation from 2->3 just because I never use it nor know of users of it (it has never been documented). The way I intend Fulcro to be used is to pass params via the :params arg to load!, and not set dyn queries on the components themselves. That said, I could be convinced to add support back for dyn query params if we decide there are real good use-cases that cannot be managed with the current primitives.


(I don’t remember what level of functionality is even present as a result…it used to be that you could put ?x placeholders in the params on the query…then you would technically set those with set-query! at app construction)


But again, I’ve helped build 3 relatively large commercial apps at this pt, and know of others, and no one (to my knowledge) is parameterizing the UI query


makes no sense on the client-side (since there is no parser…you reify views in db), and server interactions have an explicit API that allows for parameters


Indeed, you are absolutely right.. I am indeed already 3 months into pretty big project and this is a first time I have thought to try those symbolic parameters (for pagination).. perhaps my old habit. I'll continue with load! Good idea to deprecate that stuff completely, your proposed logic flow is indeed simpler and superior comparing to why symbolic params were there historically..


Thank you!


I’m upgrading from a pre-react16 fulcro to a react-16 fulcro, and I’m getting this sort of warning on various forms. The message is clear, but doesn’t seem to correct as I can see these values in the map under forms-by-ident fields. Any ideas?


[fulcro.ui.form-state] It appears you're using :minimum_duration as a form field, but it is *not* declared as a form field on the component. It will fail to function properly (perhaps you forgot to initialize via `add-form-config`).


means exactly what it says: You’ve done something like ask for validation on :minimum_duration but you did not list it in form-fields


or did add configuration to the component (perhaps early enough)