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@tony.kay I’ve been thinking about ways to smooth the transition to F3 for those of us who have non-trivial F2 apps we want to migrate at some point. An easy starting point would be to have the new F3 namespaces available in F2 with defs that simply point to the F2 implementation (for all the API compatible stuff, which appears to be the bulk of it). Also do the same for other name changes, like in state machines where some of the key names have changed. This would make it easier to start changing namespace requires now while not breaking code, and maybe even do a “smoke test” by switching out library versions and see what breaks (and needs more porting). We can probably do more - like emit warnings when using features where there have been substantial changes (or removed completely), but that would be a second pass - I think the name changes are the low-hanging fruit to get started with. This would be a community effort - myself and anyone else who wants to help. I definitely don’t want to put any more work on you, other than any guidance or suggestions you may have. Also, I’m thinking this might be best put in a separate library (something like fulcro-compat or fulcro-bridge) although we could add it to F2 if that makes more sense. Thoughts?

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