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I’ve just released 2.6.1. It includes a new option related to server-side rendering, and better error messages (without the big stack traces!) from defsc and other macros.

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Thanks to @thheller for tips on how to clean up those error messages

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Because in our fulcro app we have big requests we've decided to move some of the querying to a web worker. However I can not seem to hit the entity endpoint from the worker. I'm using html5 fetch with method post, and have made sure the body is the exact same transit object as when sending it from the main app load. But somehow the server sends back a 200 empty response ["^ "]. Any idea what could be happening here?


@bbss Not really….you’re hitting /api?


you’ve looked at the request headers to make sure they are the correct transit type?


I did look at the headers and they were mostly the same, one that was different is that the WW had "Referrer" set. But I can't remember the transit type header.


content type and body should be all that matter, really


Okay, I fell back to adding a regular ring handler in :extra-handlers, but I will inspect the headers again later.


It’s pretty simple to roll your own server, too…easy server is just meant for getting started quickly.


There’s even a mount example in the book now:


I personally roll my own in new projects, and will probably update the docs at some point and discourage using anything else for projects headed to production.


On my own starcraft project I did roll my own. Using the easy server now because I didn't already have a server before I added fulcro and it's easy 😅


With html5 routing I get a flicker of my / route, why would that be happening?


(meaning that the component for the / route is shown before transitioning to the route I’m hitting)


@pvillegas12 because you’re routing there first?


no other reason for it to do so


    (leaf "" :integrations-index)
    (leaf "index.html" :integrations-index)
    (branch "integrations/" (param :id)
            (leaf "" :integration-details))))
Does this bidi setup mean it will first load :integrations-index and then the integrations/ branch if going to a ?


no, the bidi config is just about converting paths to keywords and vice versa…your logic in interpreting what it says it the problem