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Anyone use parinfer mode for emacs instead of paredit/smartparens?


I tried parinfer a couple of times, but it’s not for me.


What’s the ultimate “buffer/window-manager” for emacs? I started with projectile, but I wanted something more graphical - I wanted to see the file layout of the project. “What files are in the same dir as this file?“, and that kind of questions. Then I found project-explorer which is kind of almost what I want. What else is there? What are you using?


OK…I just read what I wrote… 🙂 “buffer/window-manager” is probably NOT the word I’m looking for. Maybe “Project-files-handler-thingy”


you can check out projectile by the maintainer of CIDER


I'm using projectile with dired and and very happy with it(;


i'm in the same boat. dired and projectile


projectile still operates within the background buffer type interface, so it's not really graphical, neotree is definitely the one you want. I find also purpose mode (if you can get it well configured) good as you can make your own custom layout and not be worried of certain buffers from being pushed out of view.


I've tried neotree/treemacs many times, and could make myself not to hate them. I use direx


I rarely browse files these days, projectile is what I need 99% of the time. dired covers all my other use-cases.

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And, of course, you can combine them - projectile has a command to show you all dirs in a project and open the selected dir with dired.