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Nothing unexpected. That’s the life of OSS maintainers - a ton of work and very little ROI, apart from the personal meaning you find in your projects.


Many of my projects are under-maintained simply because I reached a point where to make progress on all of them I have to do OSS development full-time.


You'll always have me as a fanboy, though^^ Doesn't count for much, but (I know) there's a whole lot of people that are very grateful for your work! Again, it's not much, but if you ever need a place to crash in Switzerland, you're welcome to stay for as long as you like. There's food, a guest-room, mountains and geese in the garden, all ready for you:

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Anyone here using parinfer-mode in emacs? I'm curious what everyone is using for the parinfer-mode-toggle key, Is it something you use often?


@munen Much appreciated!

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Wesley Matson15:04:50

@benzap I use C-' about thrice an hour, depending on the types of changes I'm making.


TIL about M-: to evaluate elisp expressions. I was using this for back-of-the-envelope arithmetic around AWS Fargate costs, e.g. (+ (* 0.0506 0.25) (* 0.0127 0.5)). Copy the expression, M-:, paste, and see the result. Only problem is that I couldn't just paste the answer after evaluating it. (Disclaimer: using #spacemacs, so I'm not certain this feature is in vanilla emacs, nor am I using emacs-appropriate terminology for copying and pasting.)


I think that is the emacs standard binding

Maxim Kim16:04:23

@jeff.terrell isnt it better to use scratch buffer for that? With <C-j> and friends.

Maxim Kim16:04:28

And there the result is printed under expression and you can copy it and do whatever you want


@habamax - What is C-j bound to for you? I don't have that bound in Spacemacs, even in the scratch buffer.


probably something like eval and print?


Can you do either C-h k C-j or SPC h d k C-j depending on whether you use C-j in insert mode or normal mode? That will describe the keybinding and tell you which function it's bound to.


It's by default eval-print-last-sexp

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Although my paredit config squishes it.


I'm a spacemacs user as well, and C-j does something useless for most buffer modes, like create a newline


> TIL about M-: to evaluate elisp expressions also, related


Interestingly, :+ 1 2 doesn't work, but :(+ 1 2) does. Maybe ex-mode is only calling interactive functions when you don't provide parens?


@jeff.terrell you can omit parens (in some cases) in eshell, not in eval


Oh, right. Sorry, I misunderstood.