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hello @darwin , I am still building my chrome extension, can you confirm that you can’t use figwheel and eval your content_script code ?


I am kind of stuck to not be able to work with a repl in a clojurescript project


you are always a big help 🙂


I have to say that I don’t get all the problem. 1) why we can’t use figwheel only in contentscript ? 2) why we loose “protection” and some chrome API that we had into the content script context


I don’t remember the details. I think the problem was that you cannot do “eval” or include new js files in a content script context and that is what figwheel uses to do hot-loading


you could do that in the context of the page, but that is not exactly what you want, content script has a separate js context in chrome


I think one of the solutions moved all code to the page context and used figwheel there. Which is not exactly proper solution, but might work for someone, if they structure their code accordingly.


yes, that’s the solution indeed


I just have to understand why figwheel can’t do it if it’s not in a page