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Thanks for the report, I’ve corrected the typo.


does anyone have experience running through the "first upgrade" of a datomic cloud formation? our datomic cloud instance crashed yesterday, and in an attempt to revive it i've started an upgrade process, but it fails when deleting the existing stack.


yeah we've done quite a few at this point. we've ~10 solo's (1/dev) as well as 3-4 production sized systems and we generally apply the new revs as they come out. So far not too many problems. @joshkh do you have the specfic thing that failed ? I ran into an issue once, where a delete failed because of the additional policies i'd added to the IAM role, I had to manually remove those in order for it to succeed.


thanks for the confirmation. my road blocks were some vpcs, subnets, gateways etc. deleting the old stack left a lot of configuration hanging around, however upgrading to separate compute/storage stacks got my cloud instance back up and running.