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i'm issuing a pull with a reverse rel (d/pull db [{:item/_patient [:db/id ...]}] patient-id) and i'm getting back {:item/_patient {:db/id}} where i would expect to see {:item/_patient [{:db/id ...} ...}]} am i missing something obvious here?


i thought reverse rel's always came back with vectors


Not if the attr is IsComponent


please advice how i can do re-find with dynamic pattern on some attribute?

(d/q `[:find ?e
       :in $ ?pattern
       [:e :user/id]
       [:e :user/name ?name]
       [(re-find ?pattern ?name)]]
     db (re-pattern "John.*Smith"))
doesnt work for me


this is on-prem


@kirill.salykin that works for me. I assume you aren't putting a regex literal in the query because then Datomic fails to cache the query? (That's my experience.)


@eraserhd it worked for me as well, after I posted the message there is mine sorry in the end


thanks for help


the on prem docs say you can use :find ?id ., with a period at the end, to return a single scalar value. however when I attempt to use it (on Datomic Cloud), I’m told it’s not a valid find-rel


I guess I was confused since it was simply elided, instead of called out as a difference


'[:find ?user .
       :in $ ?id
       [?user :user/authentications]
       [_ :user.authentication/id ?id]]


Is there a way to set the transactor sql url as a Java property? Something along the lines of -Ddatomic.sqlUrl=jdbc:<postgresql://localhost:5432/datomic> rather than in the passed in properties file? I've looked here ( and don't see a property listed.


my db has entities representing users of the system, and I want to be able to query for which users transacted which assertions. How do people do this ? I'm thinking of including an assertion about a user (such as :last-active-timestamp) with every transaction so that I can join on the txid

Joe Lane15:09:03

@octo221 Like an audit log?


well it's for the users themselves to query for what they did


Do Ions work with :local/root in your deps.edn? I tried making one of my deps :local/root, did an unreproducible push, and got a CompilerException saying it cannot locate a file in the dependency I made :local/root.


I also don't get cognitect.s3-libs.s3/upload logged for the dependencies that are :local/root. Being able to push a :local/root dependency would be quite helpful for debugging. At the very least, it should warn that the local dependency will not be included in the uploaded zip.


However, if I look in the unrepro zip located in target/datomic/apps/<system>/unrepro/<name>.zip/app, I see a directory name __local-1455 which includes the source files for my local dependency.


No idea how it actually works, but the local directory __local-1455 is in the bundle-classpath.edn file as the value for my local/root dependency.


Hmm. It appears an older version of my dependency was getting put on the CP. Deleting .cpcache seems to have fixed it.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:09:43

you can always -Sforce to force recomputation of the cached classpath


Would it be possible to update AWS SSM dependency to at least 1.11.375? That release adds getARN and getLastModifiedDate to Parameter.


@U083D6HK9 I will bump to latest for the next release, presuming it causes no errors in testing.


any thoughts on 'inter app' comms? i've started mucking around with query groups. and thinking through approaches


What are the minimum IAM permissions required to push and deploy an Ion?


@U083D6HK9 we have not doc'ed these yet


Is there an easy way to call the Ion push and deploy functions from Clojure?

Oliver George05:09:52

Treat there as nothing but rough notes but it’s pretty easy to script it into a single step deploy.


Exactly what I was after! Docs for those functions would be nice.

Oliver George00:09:00

Yeah, I guessed they existed and from that point the documentation on the ions reference page provided the necessary details.