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hi, all! i'm pretty new to clojure and just started trying out datomic. i just got the latest (0.9.5327) and have gone through the tutorials with the shell. however, i can't seem to get the console running as i hit the following: Exception in thread main java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method clojure.lang.RT.classForNameNonLoading(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/Class; from class datomic.console.error


am pretty lost on how to proceed from here. would anyone have any tips?


@syk0saje: think there was just a mailing list post on that topic


ah i see. would you have a link to the post? or for joining the mailing list?


Hi everyone, i'm really new to datomic, well i need advice, i got datomic free 0.9.5302 , when i use (d/create-database "datomic:<free://localhost:4334/sample-database%22|free://localhost:4334/sample-database">) => true but (d/connect "datomic:<free://localhost:4334/sample-database%22|free://localhost:4334/sample-database">) =>NullPointerException ( Problem didn't occur when i use datomic:mem Any advice, please?


Does somebody know how i can get a list of retracted entities in de history?


@caskolkm: Something like:

(defn retracted-datoms
  (let [hdb (d/history db)
        present? (fn [_ datom]
                  (not (:added datom)))
        ret-db (d/filter hdb present?)
        ret-datoms (d/datoms ret-db :eavt)]
  (seq ret-datoms))) 


But be aware that will be performing a full DB scan


so it will take a long time on a DB of any measurable size


@caskolkm: to follow up on that, if you can limit by attribute or entity or something, can query the retraction filtered history db much faster


how do I edit my comment, query not filter constraints by attr 😛 — though you could do it there, maybe should?


ok, that entire thing was spurious b/c I started w/Marshall’s filter, but w/query by specific attr you don’t need that of course, can just do history query


any particular reason why "fuzzy query" (`foobar~`) on a :db/fulltext attribute doesn't work, but prefix query does (`foobar*`)?