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@nwjsmith: Yes, go to;showAllUpdates=true, choose the previous version you’d like to download for the version of IntelliJ you’re on, download it and install it with Settings-&gt;Plugins-&gt;Install from Disk


Oddly enough, 1.2.7 doesn’t appear there, I don’t know why. If you let me know which IntelliJ version you’re on I can build one and put it somewhere for you.


@michaelr: That’s very strange. It’s definitely disappeared, I’ll investigate that.


@nwjsmith: A few people have reported the parinfer issue, thanks for filing those. I’ll see if I can reproduce that and fix it.


@cfleming: thanks Colin. I'm running IntelliJ 2016.2


Is it an IDEA or a Cursive feature that IDEA's "make project" sometimes places cljs files into target/classes? Easiest way to reproduce is just to clean the whole project (from command line with lein clean) and then hit the "make project" button from IDEA. This broke my figwheel as it saw the same cljs file in two different locations (src/cljs and target/classes) and wasn't then able to push the changes to my client. I was able to resolve this by just disabling the "make project" from my clojure repl config. It's on by default and I don't 100% understand if there'll be some issues by disabling it.


My cljs directories are only configured as source dirs for the cljsbuild of course.


@nwjsmith: Unfortunately you’re out of luck I’m afraid - the 1.3.0 series is the first to support 2016.2.