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Okay. So I got the javascript debugger working, but it’s separate from the repl and doesn’t speak Clojure. Any ideas on how we can integrate the two?


Dirac is for Chrome, right?


@seantempesta: yes :thumbsup: but you can connect to Dirac REPL from Cursive. Havn’t attempted any debugger integration yet.


@cfleming: another feature request - a Clojure specific unified fuzzy search. Not the search everywhere of IntelliJ (I'm aware there are issues integrating with it). Unified searching for symbols/namespaces/keys/files.


@cfleming: a lot of times i find myself mistakenly launching the search ns, when i wanted to search a symbol, or vice versa.


@moizsj: One thing I have been considering is to have a keypress to switch the search type when there are no results. IntelliJ already does this for some cases (I believe it switches to a file search if a class search doesn’t work well).


@cfleming: but wouldnt a unified search be just easier? I dont have to pause to think what type i want. And in case i pick the wrong type, a further keypress would be needed.


Possibly, yeah. I’m a little worried about implementing something that is basically search everything again. A better solution might be to make that extensible and send them a PR.


@cfleming: of course the individual type specific searches would still have value and be relevant


@cfleming: you may be correct from an implementation perspective. but from a user perspective, I'd definitely prefer unified (as one of the search types). you've already implemented 3 of them, would it be hard to merge them?


No, it wouldn’t. But what I mean is, that’s what Search Everything is supposed to do, the issue at the moment is that it’s not extensible. So I’d rather make that extensible so that you could just use that.


@cfleming: sure. i see your point. do you see any chances of them budging?


I suspect if I send them a PR they’d accept it - I’ll mail the developer in question and ask.


After an evaluate the REPL window doesn't automatically scroll down anymore, which drives me slightly insane. Has anybody have this problem? Used to not have this issue.


Restart fixed the scrolling problem. Yay 🙂