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Pablo Fernandez04:07:12

@cfleming: is it true that with IntelliJ 15, in Cursive, you’ll be able to debug expression by expression?


@pupeno: Not right away, I’ll have to implement it, but I hope so.


They support that for Java lambdas now.

Pablo Fernandez07:07:53

Sounds really cool simple_smile

Pablo Fernandez07:07:15

At the Clojure Dojo here in London yesterday someone was complaining about how hard it is to debug due to lack of that.


I was thinking about it last night, it’s potentially tricky since in Clojure you don’t know what is an expression just by looking at the source.


Well, it has its moments, but I use the debugger all the time and it’s never been a showstopper.


It depends on how they have implemented it, I haven’t looked yet. I’ll have to speak to their debugger developer and see if I can get some more info.

Pablo Fernandez07:07:52

Well, when I’m debugging Ruby, sometimes the debugger jumps erratically between lines inside a method and I suppose it’s some bug between RubyMine and the debugger. Even with that happening every now and then, the debugger is very useful.

Pablo Fernandez08:07:26

What I’m saying is that a non-perfect debugger, at least for me, it’s a very useful tool (unlike a non-perfect compiler).


Yes, absolutely.

Pablo Fernandez08:07:54

I haven’t done any debugging of Clojure at all. I should play with that a bit.


There’s some trickiness there with things like threading forms, too - I’m still not sure how best to handle those, or even if I can do very much with it.


Check out my talk from clj/west this year, I demo the debugger there and talk a lot about the various limitations of debugging Clojure.