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@otfrom I just think specter is great, a nice model for selections and modifications of data structures in Clojure. Should be fairly easy to do the same thing with core.matrix arrays


Ideally I'd like to replace / enhance the current select functionality with something similar


mikera: sounds like a good plan. Are you going to start on it or are you looking for volunteers? Happy either way but don't want to step on your toes


Don't have time to work on it much myself right no - so volunteers / collaborators would be appreciated! It mostly needs some prototyping to figure out how to convert the specter protocols into equivalent ones that work with core.matrix


I'm not sure if we want to add a direct dependency on specter but that could also be an option


Can probably rewrite the existing select functionality in terns of these


mikera: OK. I'll have a watch of ztellman's latest talk and re-read what he's done in specter


@mikera any chance or releasing 1.9.1-SNAPSHOT of incanter head on develop? We're seeing the following error when using 0.51.0 core.matrix with 1.9.0 of incanter:

2. Unhandled clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException
   java.lang.RuntimeException: No such var: ds/except-columns

1. Caused by java.lang.RuntimeException
   No such var: ds/except-columns