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What are the rules for unsolicited DMs about potential sales calls?


@orestis Unsolicited commercial DMs are not permitted here. Please share a screenshot of the conversation, either here if you feel comfortable doing so or privately with an Admin and we will either talk to the person involved or straight up ban them, depending on the details.

Max20:01:11 the code of conduct and the list of owners and admins, I’d never seen that before! On a related note, I wonder if there’s a place that document could be linked or made more visible, if I’d just joined this community and received a spam DM I’d have no idea who to report it to


Always a good question! The repo with the Code of Conduct is the topic of this channel. The list of admins is the topic of #admin-announcements. But suggestions for making it more visible are welcome!


@max.r.rothman Everyone who has joined since the Pro plan was activated should see a Getting Started page that explains a bit about how to navigate this Slack and what our rules are, along with a link to the Code of Conduct. The CoC is also linked in several channel descriptions and maybe in some channel topics -- but unfortunately Slack allows any member to edit those and some people change the topic and/or description thinking they're just making it better for themselves, not realizing it affects everyone (the same with pinned items and bookmarks -- Slack just sort of assumes we're all on the same page!). As @eggsyntax says, we're always open to suggestions on how to make things more obvious and/or visible -- within the limitations of Slack itself.

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