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I was listening to Antonio Monteiro talk at the Clojure Conj and seeing all the great things that have been added to ClojureScript. I was also thinking about how some people were able to get JVM Clojure into their work place by putting a little Clojure in their Java apps because Clojure was just a jar. I was wondering how I could do the same with a mostly Javascript app. I see a lot of things for putting Javascript into a ClojureScript app but not the other way around. Has anyone had any success doing that? I see that Datascript is available as a npm module.


@mtbkapp This is something @thheller is working on with in particular: is probably of note (Possibly @thheller can link you to something much better)


Couldn’t you just compile a cljs project and use it as a library, with the right foreign API?


@U5ZAJ15P0 You've have to do a lot of ^:export and it would essentially be globals, which isn't the natural way to work in node.js


hey, how do you use react libraries in reagent if its package is not available in cljsjs! can anyone help?


as far as I know shadow-cljs bundles react components in npm? not known how reagent handles it..