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We're looking for speakers for upcoming Seajure meetups ( Please let me know if you're interested! Thanks!


I asked in a comment on the Jan 7th meetup whether it is virtual/online or in-person and no one responded...


Sorry about that! We're still in the planning stages at this point. We don't have a speaker lined up for Thursday yet. I attended your excellent talk on REPL driven development a few weeks back. I was wondering if you would like to give a talk for Thursday? It can be on RDD or any topic you like to speak on.


We've updated the location info as well. Thanks for letting us know @U04V70XH6!


Thanks. I'll decline the request for this Thursday but may volunteer in the future. Thursday evening just isn't a very good night for me (it's why I stopped attending my local Clojure meetup in SF).


No worries, what day of the week works for you?


Mon/Tue/Wed evenings are fine. Even Fri is mostly fine. But with enough notice, I can do Thu for a talk -- hence, not this Thursday but maybe a future Thursday 🙂


Sounds good! I also have some trouble with Thursdays as well, so I completely understand. If you want to give a talk for next month, just let me know!