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Coming from a Java background to Clojure the very first thing I googled was how to implement classes and interfaces in clojure to get things done. But that’s not idiomatic clojure (tbh what I ended up with was a disaster in retrospect). My advice would be to ramp up on the basic data structures - map, lists, vectors and their operations. And then write clojure which does what your Java code does. Also take off your OO hat 🙂


@niten.sagar also if you want to use some java libraries use what @kumarshantanu said.


It's important to learn how to think functionally and not to translate code written in X to Clojure.


@kumarshantanu @udit @bg Thanks for your suggestion. Basically my current work requires me to extract data from ads API like Adword, Bing etc and all this brand have java library. Therefore i need to integrate this library in clojure project.


@niten.sagar niten.sagar here’s a simple library that might help you write interop code:


it creates clojure fns that delegate down to the underlying java lib.


@niten.sagar for accessing Adwords/Bing reports you can take a look at: they might be enough for your needs